Author, Postnatal wellness specialist and mother of 2.

Author of Whose boobs are these? a new mums guide – 6 steps to reclaim self and sanity after baby – Joan is a postnatal fitness and wellness specialist who pioneered mums and bubs fitness nearly ten years ago in Sydney’s Inner west. With two children of her own, a business and an active running and triathlon career she is no stranger to juggling it all and admits straight out that sometimes she drops a ball.

She believes its all about picking up, dusting off and just doing your best. Some quality me time and a regular belly laugh with friends helps too!



Attention New Mums!

Are you feeling sleep deprived? Are you wondering where you can find some energy to do the basic things? You love your baby no question but isn’t it all a little overwhelming at times.

Help is here with the simple six step process to have you feeling energised, fighting fit and ready for all life throws at you as a new mum.

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A new mums guide: Six simple steps

Step 1

Ditch the Mother Guilt

How to ditch the guilt and get on with enjoying motherhood on your terms.

Step 2

Prioritise your me time

How to make the most of your precious me time to feel more like you and ready to give the best of you to your family.





Step 3

Build a strong foundation

Build a strong core, and pelvic floor and take control of your life again.

Step 4

Get moving and get living!

Get fit, strong and feel energized for all life throws at you as a mum and set a healthy example to your child.

Step 5

Fuel your body (and your life)

Good nutrition is key to your success so we walk you through the best way to fuel your body and your life.

Step 6

Get Support

Far from family, many of us need to build a good local support network to help us through our babies early days.

How we can help


Personal Consultation

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start or what to do? Keen for a change but just not sure what’s the first step to take? A personal consultation with Joan will empower you with the right tools and plan to get the results you want. A program designed especially for you, setting you up for success.

Live the life you want, feel fantastic and don’t look back.

Run Coaching

If you want to run but not sure how or where to start Joan can help. A qualified injury free run coach and fitness professional, Joan has converted many a reluctant mum into keen, fit and amazing runners. Her unique approach will help even the most timid of wanna be runners into confident, strong runners ready to take on any challenge.

Mums and Bubs group training specialist

Joan was a pioneer of Mums and Bubs fitness in Sydney and still offers her small personalised group sessions to mums and bubs in Sydney’s Inner West. For more information on these sessions go to

or to enquire about sessions in your area email

Once my son Bronson was 3 months old and the excess baby weight (which I swore was not going to happen to me but it did) wasn’t magically coming off by itself, I started 2 sessions a week with Joan at Bounceback fitness. I was able to gradually regain my strength and fitness and may possibly be fitter now than I was when I got pregnant. Now Bronson is 8 months old, I have lost 10Kg, 10cm off my hips and best of all am back into all my old clothes and can burn my horrible fatty-clothes. The core strength I have built up really helps when lugging around my big and beautiful boy too.

Lara, Concord

I’m down 10kg and 8.5% bodyfat. I’ve lost 7.5cm on my waist, 6.5cm on my hips and 6cm on my thighs. I’m 3kg lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight and down 2 jeans sizes! Thank so much Joan. At the end of the day we knew I had the motivation and physical strength to pull it off but that can only get you so far. You helped me find a positive outlet for my grief and supported me when everyone put me down. I couldn’t have done this without you. Xx

Danielle, Five Dock

Who knew I could feel this strong and fit again after feeling so tired. I was on a merry go round of no energy and eating badly, I felt awful and frumpy! Joan helped me sort my priorities, and wrote me a program that suited me and that I could work with around my little angel, Charlotte. She helped me find the motivation to get started but also to continue and make some time for me. Thanks so much Joan I’ve never felt better.

Susan, Balmain

Marketing Director

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